An idea
not thought to the end, no plan, no figure
just feeling like beginning.
Sometimes everything goes
-so easy-
and sometimes nothing.
Decisions are waiting for me.
Which part of the whole?
The composition and the rhythm of the colours.
My dark or my light?
Diffuse vision
Doesn't want an answer to all questions.
What remains in the end
is essential for me
and myself.
Fulfillment beyond words through my own doing.
I'm in a state of flux,
so close to myself.
Even in the doubts,
just always.
There's room for spontaneity
No right or wrong
Have to let go sometimes,
make it white again.
Don't stop searching
for the inner tension,
that pushes me.
Always again.
Always again new.
Creating from intuition,
Using intellect
and it's going to be alright.

My work

It is a challenge and at the same time a gift, to be able to express dreams, passions and visions on a canvas.



In my painting I don't particularly care for strict artistic guidelines, but rather for being free to use my own creativity.


Remittance Work

If you would like to have an individual picture - for yourself - or as a gift - then I am happy to paint it for you.


Painted Moments

Individually created images are being put together to a coherent work and is being presented as a huge creation in the company.


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